I love being in a creative environment, being around creativity.  I am trained as an interior designer, but spent more of my working years than not only being around creativity.  When I stayed home to raise my first child I found that I was happier and my mood would be uplifted when I was able to create or design.  This is how I started Midwood Design Studio.  I have always been interested in many medias and genres, so the work I do is varied, not specialized.

I like to dabble and try new things.  I am frugal and will try to make or recreate something before I buy it.  I love to garden, cook, sew, craft and learn new things.

I recently moved to a new (to me) home and am excited for the blank canvas.  I spent a long time in my last home and it was 100 years old, the new house is much newer and has a totally different style.  I am still letting the house speak to me, but slowly I am devising my plans for each room.

preppy animal nursery canvas
Zoo dot nursery canvas

I have wanted to blog for years and should have started a long time ago.  I have decided today is the day.  I hope you enjoy this journey through the Midwood Design Studio.


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