Seed storage and organization


Follow my blog with BloglovinSeed storage is crucial to saving money on gardening.  We keep an eye out for bargains and buy in bulk when possible. Organization and storage is important to keep the seeds fresh and preserve germination.  This is about the time each year when I focus on seed storage.  I prep and organize all my seeds for long term storage until spring planting time starts anew. I’ve developed a pretty good system over the years.  This method has allowed us to successfully store seeds for years and still achieve a good germination rate from them.

The first thing that I do is take an inventory.  I do this in the same notebook that i use to document my seed starting trays and garden layout.  This keeps all the information together for easy reference the following year.  

seed_organizing_inventory_listI wish I could come up with a plastic free way to do this, but for now sandwich size and seed_storage_organizing_sow_direct_packetI like to use various colors of

I keep each plant type together, combining plants from similar families if they are in smaller quantity. 


I label the outside of each plant category (peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, etc.) with the plant seeds that are inside.

seed_labeled_bagsNext, I keep them stored in one gallon size plastic zipper bags by planting method (i.e. start indoors).


I continue this, keeping the “sow direct” seeds together as well.  We grow beans in such large quantity that they require their own seed_organizing_pepper

These tidy packets store nicely on the freezer door or can be place on top of my neatly stacked freezer jars.


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