Early blooms and produce another garden update

The weather here has been great!  Hot days, rain every couple of days, the plants are loving it.  There are lots of early blooms on everything. I am almost ready to harvest my first pepper.  I have probably had my first pepper come due in June before, but never this early in the month.  This guy isn’t quite ready to harvest yet, but it will be within days.

huge hungarian pepper

Not only that, look how loaded the plant is with more peppers.

pepper abundane

I am seeing a lot of stuffed Hungarian peppers in my future and it looks tasty.

Also, look at all the blooms on the tomato plants!!!

tomato blossomsAnd teeny tiny buds on the eggplants.  They are such pretty flowers, they are worth growing even if you don’t eat eggplant.


The hostas are also full of buds that are ready to open.  In the past they have always bloomed around the second week of July.

Hosta buds early blooms

My Gooseberry plants are loaded with fruit.  I am hoping to have enough to make some jam.

gooseberries loaded with fruit

I have also had a chance to do some rearranging and redesign.  Remember how I am trying to create some lower maintenance in the gardens?  I planted some green and white hostas in concentric rings underneath the apple tree at the end of this garden.  They radiate out in a tight pattern from the apple tree’s trunk.  They look pretty sad right now and the pattern is hard to see, but I think it will look really cool next spring when they all fill in.  I’m going for a hosta ground cover that will help to keep the weeds down.  Fingers crossed.

hostas_formationLast, but no least, the kids are loving all the visitors that have been showing up in the gardens.  Here is this little guy that we found a few days ago.  the stump of an overgrown evergreen that I hacked apart is a nice place to hide and probably a great place to catch a buggy meal.

garden toad

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