February garden update spring is springing already?

Wow!  Is spring, springing already? A few days ago I went outside to explore the yard after Mr. Midwood pruned the fruit trees.  I got the idea to clip some branches from the Forsythia (more on that later) and some other shrubs to bring a bit of early spring indoors.  While I was in the landscaping, poking around I noticed all sorts of bulbs coming up already.

bulbs-poking-throughI am amazed at how many bulbs are poking through and how tall they are already.  This particular cluster is near a stone edging, which will hold in a lot of heat.  There were another clusters in open areas of the landscaping as well.  This seems incredibly early to me.  I hope the fruit trees do not get to excited before the last hard frost.  I am looking forward to harvesting a bit off of our new additions.

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