Garden update – lots of preserving going on here

Today's harvest

The produce is really rolling in now! I have been doing lots of preserving.  Here are some things I picked from the garden today.  Almost half a peck of ground cherries, tons of sweet peppers and oodles of tomatoes.  That stray okra pod was lying helpless on the ground.  I have 6 half pints of ground cherries in the freezer already and 6 pints of sweet pepper slices.

Today's harvest

Having two ginormous gardens, apparently, wasn’t enough though, so I went and bought a half bushel of peaches.  I canned 5 quarts of them in light syrup, made peach jam – 3 pints and 5 half pints – and froze some of the rest (what we didn’t snack on).  That same day I canned 6 pints of zucchini pickles and 5 pints of pickled peppers, banana rings and cherry hots.  I was beat at the end of that day, phew!

day's worth of canningBrainstorming is in the works for this guy.  I am thinking sliced, breaded and pan fried.

This eggplant is ready to eatAnd a vegetable oddity.  Every year it happens.  We always get some kind of mutated homegrown tasty.  They are tasty a plenty, every time, but a photo must be taken for documentation of the odd.  Here is this years best yet.  A double zucchini.

siamese squashDubbed the “Siamese squash” by a friend of mine.  I am off to preserve more of the garden’s bounty…on today’s to do list:

Pickled peppers – cherry hots

Candied jalapenos

Dried ground cherries

Frozen sweet and hot peppers

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