Happy Halloween! Have you carved your Jack o’ lantern yet?

Happy Halloween!  Well? Have you carved your Jack o’ lantern yet?

In the past I have found that trying to carve the pumpkins on Halloween makes for a real scramble.  I was always afraid of them keeping once they are carved.  They really do hold up pretty well in our cool weather.  This year I only got to it yesterday.  Here it is. The design is courtesy of my 5 year old.  Apparently this is what is going around as spooky, scary.  I love the carving and creative part, but the scooping and cleaning not so much.  We lit him up and put him outside the sliding door on the deck while we ate dinner.  We can’t trick or treat where we live so this was kind of an exercise in futility.  You have to carve a pumpkin though.  I think I will light it up this afternoon and let him greet the school bus too.  Have you carved your Jack o’ lantern yet?  Safe and Happy Halloween activities to all!

Happy Halloween Scary Spooky Jack o' lantern
Scary, Spooky Jack o’ lantern