Making the fall garden snuggly

Our fall has been beautiful and unseasonably warm at times, so we have been fortunate to enjoy an extended harvest of many garden treats.  We are supposed to get snow this weekend along with 2 nights of hard frost.  I mentioned the hoop house we were going to try in the fall garden.  Now is the time to add the plastic.  Checkout those crazy tall sunflowers in the background.

hoop house for fall crops

We are also taking some precautions with our green bean plants.  They were put in a bit late and are just starting to produce.  In order to spare them from the damage of a frost we used the extra plastic and made another quick  hoop house.

quick hoop house addition

Fingers crossed.  Temperatures are supposed to go back up all next week again, so I am hoping we can make it through this weekend without too much damage.  Yesterday we picked all of the mature peppers that were left in the garden as well as a couple eggplants and zucchini.  Here is only about two thirds of the peppers.

final pepper harvest


We had to do all this harvesting and hoop housing in stages though.  The crazy and changeable weather already started.  Here are some squash and pumpkins that I had out curing on our deck.

squash with hail

Hail storm, sunny break, hail storm, cloudy, super cold rain, then full on sun again.  We were chased into the house two times during the process.  A lot of hail came down and stuck around for quite a while on the ground.  It was difficult to get a picture of it, but you can see how much collected on the deck.


Piles of apples

This will be it for the apples that have been keeping me so busy for the last month or so.  We have crates of them stacked in the garage, both crispers in the fridge filled and bowls of them in the kitchen.  Time to get baking and maybe one more batch of dried chips…


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