Sights and sounds of spring

This morning I woke to the cooing sounds of the mourning doves that live in our conifer trees. It was a sound that I had to get used to when I first started noticing it last spring.  Today, when I heard them, it was glorious.  I was eager to get out of bed and in a great mood.


Just the other day I realized aloud at dinner that they must migrate and maybe they would be back soon. They are back now.  I looked into the subject and I found out that they do migrate.

sights-and-sounds-of-spring-bunny-figureThe sights and sounds of spring are a hopeful sign for me at this time of year.  We have had a few “warmer” days (like 40 & 50 degrees), but then the wintry cold creeps back.  Hopefully soon to follow the doves is warm weather and brighter days.

spring-lilliesIn the meantime I have been playing with some spring vignettes and fresh flowers to pull me through this final stretch of winter while I wait for more sights and sounds of spring.

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