Snowmageddon? Snowy Day Sewing Project

snowmageddon snowy day sewing project

Well, not for me.  School was indeed cancelled, I believe in anticipation of more snow later in the day.  Said snow has yet to materialize.


While much of the our area has been, non stop, pummeled with snow, we are ALL experiencing the brisk temperatures and blustery winds.  As the kids ran wildly through the house longing to play outside in our paltry two inches of sloppy snow, I turned my attention to a small snowy day sewing project.

We spent most of the warm weather on a long list of winterizing projects for our house.  Our front door needs replacing, but was near the bottom of the winterizing list.  It is extremely outdated, probably original to the house.  In my opinion, with its diamond shaped lights, it does not belong on any house remotely resembling a colonial style.  Actually, I can’t picture those jovial harlequins on many home styles.  Hopefully we will replace it with something more appropriate and efficient this summer.  Anyhoo, we get  quite a draft through the lower corner, as we found out during our first winter living across from a wide open farmer’s field.  A temporary solution was to roll up a towel a la draft dodger style and place across the bottom edge of the door.

draft dodger before

Lovely.  Not only that, impractical.  If one uses two hand to remove the towel to open the door, then the towel stays neatly rolled.   No on does this, because they are using one hand to open the door.  It has to be moved every time the door is opened and re rolled just about every time the door is closed.  By the way did you see what it looks like?  This is an old “rag” towel, but even my best guest towels would be an eye sore.

I needed something more attractive and practical.  For my little snowy day sewing project, I decided to make a euro sham pillow cover draft dodger of my own.  I had some leftover fabric from the window valance that I made for the front door.  I measured it and it was just the right size, at least for the front.  I love this fabric it is from the Downton Abbey collection – Dowager Countess Large Medallions Black.

Dowager Countess Large Medallions Black

I don’t watch the show, but I love this retro reproduction pattern and the black and tan color scheme.  It has a gray background that gives it a textural depth.  I backed it with some solid black poplin and made a quick little envelope back pillow.

draft dodger

I made a standard size of 12″ x 14″ so that I can use this with a form in the future.  Today, I stuffed it with a bag of rice (double bagged in a zipper bag) and a small throw pillow that I stole borrowed from my daughter.

draft dodger assemblydraftdodgerassembly1draft dodger done



Now it can be moved out of the way with one hand and coordinates withe the room and color scheme.  That is my little snowy day sewing project.

Draft dodger pillow after

What do you think?  How do you spend your snow days?