Ikea tablet stand hack – only .99 cents


Try this simple .99 cent Ikea tablet stand hack.

This is amazing!  A tablet stand that costs a mere .99 cents!


Purchased in Canada, this tablet stand would still only cost$1.99.



No fuss, no muss, just flip over your Ikea Plastis Ice cube tray, set your device in it and voila. Done.  It works on tablets, it works on phones.


Also, it is light and flexible, making it easy to carry anywhere in the house.


Want to take the Plastis tablet stand with you?  No problem!  Put it in your bag right next to your tablet.  Go ahead, it is made of soft, flexible silicone, so it won’t scratch the screen and will even help to cushion your tablets journey.


What a great design.  The silicone also makes this non slip on slick surfaces, making sure that your device stays upright.  Use this Ikea tablet stand hack on the kitchen counter and your device will be safe from puddles and counter top spills.


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