Seed starts and deck rail planter boxes – garden update

My yard is looking gorgeous!  The previous owners planted just about every type of spring flowering shrub and tree that there is.

crab apple tree blooming

Everything is in bloom or ready to burst with blooms.

Solomon's Seal ready to bloomEven the new fruit trees that we planted are starting to bloom.

My deck planters have made some really nice progress. I hope to be harvesting herbs and lettuce and even some radishes in a week or two.

Deck planter box at 3 weeks


The seeds that I started are turning into nice little seed starts.

Spring seed starts

Soon they will be sturdy seedlings and in a few weeks will be transplanted to the garden.  the tomatoes are a bit leggy, but that can be remedy when they are planted.  The stems can be buried a bit deeper and it will give them a sturdy root structure.

baby tomato plants

They were outside for almost two weeks hardening off and getting acclimated to the outdoors.  I started by putting them out only in the daytime and then slowly allowed them sleepovers on the deck.  They  had to spend a couple nights indoors due to cold temperatures, but are ready to go back outside where they should be able to stay until they move into the garden.

baby pepper plants

The peppers have been thinned to one seedling per cell and have the room to grow larger. These little guys are diminutive, but in they will catch up to the supplemental nursery purchased plants that I will plant in the garden at the same time.  A few weeks in the warm garden soil and it will be difficult to tell the seed starts from the purchased seedlings.

tomatillo and okra seed startsThe tomatillos look a bit sad, and I did lose a few, but they always look this way and end up bouncing back.  Oddly, the towering okra seedlings end up losing steam once I plant them.  I really have to work on improving my okra cultivation.

The hubs is working on repairing our 1970s rototiller beast.  As soon as he is done, we will be able to till up our veggie plot.  I am so excited to finally have a real veggie garden again.  I will share the progress, as we go.

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