Painting a doorbell cover


doorbell cover painted ugly brown

I have this really long remodeling list.  Okay, the hubs AND I have this really long remodeling list.  Most of the items on the list require nice weather so we are ready to step up and start knocking out the items.  I went for a couple of tasks that were low hanging fruit, so to speak, first. The doorbell cover is one such project.  Painting a doorbell cover would be preferable with spray paint, but I wanted to blend in with the wall color seamlessly, so I opted for a foam brush and the same paint that we used for the wall paint.  The wall paint is Fresh Linen by Dutch Boy in eggshell finish, in case you wanted to know.  Yes, up close the finish is not as smooth as I would have like, as is it would have been from sprat, but the color match was a priority.  The cover had been painted previously with a brush and not all that well anyway.

When we were prepping the house to move in, the cover for our doorbell got lost in the shuffle.

doorbell cover before

At some point, I was sick of paint, painting and washing out brushes and rollers.  Indifference (should we paint it match or paint it a metallic?) and indecision (maybe we should just get a new one or relocate it to a less conspicuous wall?) took hold.   The doorbell cover was reinstalled and remained the flower pot brown painted by the previous owner.

doorbell cover painted ugly brown

Not only was it that ugly brown, but it was also quite banged up from getting knocked around the place.  It was quickly forgotten amongst all of the unpacking , arranging furniture, hanging artwork.  Spring came and we shifted our work to the outdoors…the door bell cover was forgotten.  Forgotten, sort of, until I sat on the couch, facing it, staring at it wanting to take it down and paint it right then and there.  It would take longer to get out the paint, stir it up and clean the brushes than to actually paint the stupid thing (and it did).  Well, finally, I just did it one day.  Three coats of paint and a day later it looked like this.

doorbell-cover-painted-to-match-wallNow it blends in so nicely with the wall.  No longer announcing itself unless summoned by a visitor.   As it should be.  Details, details.  Such a small thing can make such a big difference.

Painting a doorbell cover afterThe room is still a work in progress and I will be posting more on that soon, but in the meantime this is a small improvement that helps to make the room more seamless.  This is definitely one of those “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” type of projects that we all have.

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