Late spring beauty

Things around here are looking great.  There is so much late spring beauty to take in.  Now that the veggie garden is planted, it should fill in and look good soon.

My farmer has been coming by every couple of weeks.  Each time he plants a few more rows of corn for succession planting.  It looks so neat and tidy after a planting.  I can’t wait until the corn is about a foot tall, it is really a beautiful sight to see in the morning sun.


The rhododendrons and azaleas are at their peak.  This fiery orange rhododendron is particularly spectacular.

firery_orange-rododendronMy favorites, the peonies are blooming along with the irises.

pink peonies bloomWe have only a few more weeks of spring.  The heat and dry weather this year make it  feel more like summer is already here.  What spring beauty have you been taking in?



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