New gender neutral animal nursery art Circo bedding inspired

circo inspired nursery art canvas set

Gender neutral animal nursery art set inspired by a Circo bedding nursery set.  Hand painted nursery art painted on three dimensional canvases for a custom nursery design.

circo inspired nursery art canvas set

The turtle and elephant silhouettes are done in cool colors of aqua blue and lime green.

circo inspired turtle nursery art canvas circo inspired elephant nursery art canvas

The giraffe and owl outlines are done in warm colors of lemon yellow and orange and melon.

circo inspired giraffe nursery art canvas circo inspired owl nursery art canvas

All four have stitching details like the original bedding set, a little detail that ties them together.

circo giraffe stitch detail nursery

The outline images were inspired by the background print of the bedding set.  It was a suggestion that I made to the client so I made a quick mock up for her to visualize.  She liked the idea and we finalized colors before the paintings were started.

circo animal bedding set close

These animals and colors were chosen by the client.  The bumble bee or crocodile could easily be included or the color scheme altered slightly to suit your decor.  I can coordinate any color scheme or design to coordinate with your room’s look.

circo inspired animal nursery art canvas

This is a great look for any mama that wants to be surprised and needs gender neutral animal nursery art.

Gender neutral animal nursery art giraffecanvas

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