How to make a bias tape belt

how to make a bias tape belt

My girl has been asking for a belt.  She really doesn’t need a belt, but wants a belt.   I’ve looked around and just haven’t seen anything appropriate.  Every belt that I see is too glittery, too strong of a color, the wrong color.  So, they would go with a couple of outfits, but are too exorbitantly priced for such a narrow use.

I realized that bias tape is the perfect width for a belt.   I can crank these babies out at a couple bucks a crack.  This way, they can be as wacky and pigeon holed as they come and she can have a bunch.  I can make new colors and styles as she outgrows them also.  So, I decided to share how to make a bias tape belt.

I had some 1″ double fold bias tape that I made in this orange print for an art smock project at the beginning of the school year.   Then I raided my stash for a coordinating color.  I chose pink to go with the orange print because she has about five shirts that are orange or orange and pink.

bias tape belt tutorial supplies

So here is what you need:

  • 1″ double fold bias tape, ironed flat
  • 1 package of D rings (these were $2.50 with a coupon at Hobby Lobby)
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Thread & Sewing machine
  • Needle to tuck threads by hand (optional)

You pretty much have all that, Right? Right.  Well, maybe you need to run out and buy a package of D rings.

bias tape belt tutorial lengthbias tape belt tutorial both fabrics

First measure the waist of the recipient of the belt.  Add about 4″ to 5″ to that length.  That extra breaks down like this: 1/2″ to the length for seam allowance (1/4″ at each end), 1/2″ to an 1″ for the D ring and at least 3″ to fold over and tuck into a belt loop.

bias tape belt tutorial layer and pin

Layer and pin the two bias tapes, wrong sides together.

bias tape belt tutorial tuck ends under and pin

Tuck ends under, about 1/4″ and pin.

bias tape belt tutorial sew first seam

Starting at one end, start top stitching the long length as close to the edge as you can of the belt.

bias tape belt tutorial go slow

Go slow or this might happen (oops).

bias tape belt tutorial sew end

Turn and stitch across the end.

bias tape belt tutorial turn and sew second lengthbias tape belt tutorial sew to end

Turn and stitch down the other long end.  (You could stitch across the final end, but it will be taken care of when you attach the D rings).

bias tape belt tutorial attch D rings and secure

Fold the non sewn end (or the least attractive of the sewn ends) and fold it around the two D rings.  Pin.  Stitch as close as possible to the D rings to attach them.

I like to tuck the loose threads in by hand, but you can just clip them close too.  Done.

That is how to make a bias tape belt.

how to make a bias tape belt

Kid tested. Worn all day, even in gym and it stayed closed tight.  Uh oh.  Now I have to make more to coordinate with more clothing and for the boy….