Finally a good thing – A magnetic pin dish for my studio

making magnetic pin dish

Before there was Pinterest, there were “Good things”.  The feature we have all become so familiar with in every issue of Martha Stewart Living.  Pages of clever little “I need to make this/ do this/ try this someday” projects that I often ripped out and saved (along with many other pre Pinterest users, I am sure).

I saw this project for a magnetic pin dish on Pinterest and it reminded me of a good thing that I have been meaning to make for years.  Seriously.  Years.  Finally, I have decided to just get it done.

I was de cluttering and going through a box of old tea cups that had belonged to both of my grandmothers.   I always wanted to display my tea cup collection, but I really don’t have the space in an appropriate spot for them.  The tea cup collection is a little too “sweet and homey” for my style anyway and it just is not going to happen.   I decided to make some tough decisions and keep only my favorites.  As I went through the box I found this little cutie.

cute plate for magnetic pin dish

This saucer has been without a cup mate for as long as I can remember.  In fact, I think that my mother used this under plant pots and I know that, at one time, I used it as a candle holder (there was still some wax remnants that reminded me).   This is the perfect candidate for this magnetic pin dish project.  I am starting to decorate my studio now that it has a permanent location and this color is perfect.  I have always loved all things turquoise, aqua, etc.  I want my studio space to be aqua with black and wood tones and white accents.

I will spare step by steps.  It is obvious from the pictures what I did, how I did it and that I used some E6000 to do it.

making magnetic pin dishPin dish last magnet to magnetic pin dishmaking magnetic pin dish


making magnetic pin dish

A cute little magnetic pin dish to brighten my sewing table and gives me a place to toss pins as I remove them while sewing.  So like Martha said so long ago “It’s a good thing”