New year purging 2015

I promised I would keep updates on my New year purging for the new year in my last post.

Obviously, I started with some Christmas decorations. I culled out some old things and organized some of the keepers a bit better. I could have done more with them and I will next year, but I just wanted things put away.

New year purging Christmas decorations

New year purging

On to the closets…

The kids are easy, doesn’t fit – out it goes.  I set aside some nice things to take to the consignment shop and the rest went into the donation bag.  I got one whole bag of just their stuff.

purging and decluttering

My closet, actually is pretty tidy and organized, but I am trying to make some room to keep bed linens on the top shelf.  I did the basic sweep for thread worn,  ill fitting and just plain old items and filled almost a whole bag too.

When we were selling our house last year, I really paired down the closet and staged it in a color scheme.  I kept out all and only my favorite clothing.  It looked so nice.  I really didn’t miss much of what had been packed away and a lot was donated after I schlepped it across town and unpacked it.  The whole process made me realize that I really do only wear a couple of colors, blue and pink.  I wear all different shades and hues, but really only those colors.  I also wear black, gray, white denim and the occasional Khaki ( I’m not a total freak). I made a conscious decision to stick to only blue and pink going forward when I shop.  We have been spending most of our extra money on the house, but the little bit that I have shopped, I have kept this in mind.  I did not dump everything that was not in that color scheme, but after a year has passed, I really have not worn red.  So this time this got tossed too.

New year purging closet

I also realized that I really find coordinating a brown outfit to be generally anxiety inducing.  It is too complicated.  Some people can thrown on 3 shades of brown and rock it like nobody’s business, but I am just not a brown person.  I really only had a few items so they got pitched out as well.

New year purging

I I did keep a couple of brown items that I can use to break up an otherwise all black ensemble.  Also, I kept some red accessories and items with red in them, because I do wear them.


So here is the closet now.  How did I even have that bag of stuff crammed in there?

New year purging

The closet still has waaay too much in it, not too mention some of my summer items are in my boy’s closet.  I did manage to make room for the bed linens though,  I will be buying some  bins or maybe making some fabric baskets for them soon.  I will post about them if it becomes a sewing project…

I have since filled a third bag and the Hubs added some of his stuff too.

Are you doing any New year purging?  How is it going?

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