Purging and decluttering

January is the time for that obligatory post about purging and organizing. I always go clutter crazy and organize after the holidays. Not because it is a new year, fresh start and all of that conventional wisdom type stuff. No, I do it because after the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the extra clutter of the decorations and general stuff, I need a blank slate, a reset. The walls feel so blank and the house feels so bright and I need that clean feeling for a couple of weeks. Then there is that long stretch of winter we still have to get through. Stuck inside more often than not. I need the space to breath and take it in for a bit. By the end of January and beginning of February, I am plotting new decorating projects.

All through the year, when something seems disorganized, or full of clutter or we acquire too much stuff, I reach a breaking point and deal with it. I did a lot of purging before we moved last fall, after we moved last winter and a little purging and decluttering in between the and now. I never think there is more, but there is always more. I have been busy purging closets and nooks and crannies of unneeded items and does it ever feel good. I have a charity pick up scheduled for early February, so I will share a few of my purges and reorganizations as we finish out the month. Stay tuned for more posts on how I got to this pile.

purging and decluttering

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